What Industrial Law Is

Industrial Law is associated with laws that govern industrial based enterprises. These consist of areas such as a broad range of legal topics that includes anything from worker safety regulations, contracts, industrial relations and employment laws to environmental concerns, The industries that are involved in industrial-based law cases vary with the policies represented in each industry as equally unique.

Industrial Related Accidents

An industrial law is also very common as it relates to accidents. Since industrially based workplaces vary based on the particular industry some risks are higher than other. These include areas such as the following:

  • Clean rooms at high-tech manufacturing companies
  • Factories and warehouses
  • Chemical plants and refineries
  • Welding floors in very loud and dangerous environments
  • These are some common industrial based facilities, however, there are many others that are considered to be an industrial workplace.

Needless to say, there are also typical industrial related accidents that take place as well. Most consist of falling objects, slips and falls, forklift-related accidents, tripping, injuries caused by faulty machinery or equipment, chemical inhalation, and burns, or injuries related to explosions or blasts.

Accidents that take place in industrial environments are typically a lot more severe than those that take place in other work environments considering the higher risk associated with these facilities.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it has been estimated that for every 1,000 employees that work in industrial environments, two will have fatal injuries as a result of a  work-related accident. This is why there is a great need for personal injury attorneys with a vast knowledge and understanding of industrial related laws. If you work in the city of Chicago and believe that you are at risk of or have suffered an industrial work-related injury, please contact COMPANY today at 123-456-7890.