Get the Legal Help You Need With a DWI Attorney

Attorneys that represent DUI and DWI are experts on issues concerning drunk driving laws. They know all there is regarding both the penalties and the charges - so choosing the right attorney can absolutely help issues involving the court system to work in your favor. 

What that means is that when you hire one of our Chicago based attorneys at COMPANY, all of us have already worked with and have established a relationship with the judge who will likely hear your case and the officer who pulled you over.  This can go a long way as it works in your favor.  However, selecting the right DWI attorney does take effort. That means you'll need to do more than just opening up the Yellow Pages to find an attorney to work with you.

 Penalties Associated with DWI

Certain drunk-driving penalties are based on the laws that have been set in place by each State. Nonetheless, there are some common things that you will likely to be required to face; including serious cash expenditures for one or any combination of the following:

Thousands of dollars associated with DWI fines
Attorney fees and court cost
Out-of-pocket costs for substance abuse treatment or ignition interlock devices if required
You will also likely experience one or a combination of the following based on the offense and the state of its occurrence:

  • Revocation or the suspension of your license
  • Jail time, community service, or both
  • Evaluation of alcohol and substance abuse
  • Possible treatment costs to overcome addiction
  • Some form of traffic school or a DUI program 
  • Costly fees to have your license reinstated After becoming eligible, there’ the possibility of yearly fees to continue to have your license reinstated (normally after three years).
  • Limited or reduced driving privileges, (including the use of an ignition interlock device.)
  • A significant increase in auto insurance (additionally, you may also be required to file an SR 22 for a designated number of years.)

We at COMPANY understand how overwhelming it can be to face something so daunting. However, please remember that these are just some of the penalties associated with a typical DWI conviction. And it gets even worse if you happen to severely harm or kill someone if driving while drunk. The penalties associated with these charges carry far more consequences.
Thankfully as DWI attorneys we can assist you with navigating your way through the entire legal system all while defending your case - particularly if you've been charged falsely. We can even assist you obtain minimal charges as it relates to the penalties that you receive if you're proven to be guilty.